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Upon graduation, honors students will have demonstrated the ability to exhibit information literacy skills, synthesize and integrate ideas, produce original research or creative works, and contribute to knowledge.
Political Party Assignment

POL 111 - Fall 2020

In my POL 111 class, we were given information and lectured on political parties and how they relate and are implemented in our current political system. After discussing and giving us information pertaining to political parties in the United States, we were given an index of current and active political parties in the US and had to choose three to research and answer questions about. To do this I chose one political party that I normally side with, find a party that I usually disagree with, and one that I generally have no opinion about. Those parties were the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, and the Libertarian party, respectfully. I used research skills learned through my HONR 201 course to complete this assignment.

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