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Upon graduation, honors students will have demonstrated the ability to utilize personal leadership values and guide groups toward a common goal.
Leading My Team at Crocs

Fall 2018 - Spring 2021

I first was hired at Crocs back in fall of 2018. I started as a sales associate and didn’t entirely start out with the mindset I was going to stick around. I only intended to stay for a few months and use it as a way of income for me to find a better and higher paying job while I was in high school. However, within 3 months of starting, I was thrown into a position where I needed to lead. The management team at Crocs decided to leave, and going without a manager or assistant manager at the store made me make more leadership decisions and help the store maintain itself while we looked for a new manager. I remained a sales associate for about a year, where in December of 2019 I was promoted to a team leader.