The Computer Science Program - Portfolio

The Computer Science major will prepare graduates for positions in computer-related fields and for graduate study. Computer science as a field spans a wide range of topics from theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in operating system design and implementation, machine learning, and intelligent systems.

My Projects

This website was created from the ground up by me! I used the Typescript, tailwindcss, and NextJS to create this site, and is deployed with Vercel. This website is used as a place for me to host my projects that I build, and as a portfolio for the Honors Program that I am a part of at MSU, Mankato.

Penguin Language

Penguin is a toy programming language that I am designing to teach myself compilers, and just a cool personal project. Currently only performs lexical analysis, but will eventually compile to either C code or assembly.


What started as a project for a computer science class my senior year of high school, I ended up redoing and submitting as my project for my application to the computer science program. Hypercube is an interpreter for the 4DChess esolang


Initailly an in-class project to that was built in my Data Structures course, I really liked the project and worked on the clone outside of class more to incorporate OOP principles and make it more robust. I used Visual Studio and the C# programming language here.