About Me

Who am I?

Hi! I'm a 20 year old computer science student here at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am currently a J1 in the Upper Division Computer Science program at the university. I am also the president of the Math Club, an honors student, and a Software Engineering Intern at Maverick Software working for Thomson Reuters. I'm Minnesota born and raised, and have always been interested in my academics. I started self teaching computer science back in about 2012, starting off with web development. From there I have dabbled in many areas in computer science including web development, Linux server administraion, game development, to even creating an interpreter for a language that did not have one yet! However now I have settled down in my search for my area in computer science and my main interests lay in compilers and operating system. I didn't start really loving mathematics until my Junior year of high school, sitting in my pre-calculus class learning the trigonometric identities. From there I started a very math-focused computer science degree.

Relevant Classwork

  1. Freshman year

    Calculus 2, Intro to Programming, Public Speaking

  2. Freshman year

    Calculus 3, Data Structures, Math Software Programming [Wolfram]

  3. Freshman Year

    Linear Algebra I

  4. Sophomore Year

    Set Theory, Algorithms, Physics I (Calculus - based), Ordinary Differential Equations

  5. Sophomore Year

    Computer Architecture, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I

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