Hey, I'm Braxton!

I am a 20 year old mathematics and computer science student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. My academic interest areas include operating systems and compiler development, and more recreationally learning mathematics and logic. My expected graduation date is May of 2024, with (hopefully) a future in a graduate studies program.

My mission statement

As a MSU, Mankato honors student, I want to learn how to take my academic skills learned pursing my degree in mathematics and computer science, and utilize them in a productive, inclusive, and effective manner. I will achieve this goal by furthering my abilities in research, leadership, and intercultural engagement.

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Looking for my honors portfolio?

I'm a part of the Honors program at MSU, Mankato. Under this program, I work on my research, leadership, and intercultural engagement skills. You can click the link below to see my portfolio of the program!

My portfolio



This website was coded from the ground up by me! I used Laravel, tailwindcss to build the website, Laravel Forge to deploy it, and used Digital Ocean as my hosting provider. This website is used as a place for me to host my projects that I build, and as a portfolio for the Honors Program that I am a part of at MSU, Mankato.


This was a project that I submitted for a final in one of my computer science classes. I wrote an interpreter in Rust for the esoteric programming language, 4DChess. This was to practice Rust, a programming lanuage I've been learning, and to create an interpreter for a language that did not have one yet.


Initailly an in-class project that was built in my Data Structures course, I really liked the project and worked on the clone outside of class more to incorporate OOP principles and make it more robust. I used Visual Studio and the C# programming language here.


... with more coming soon!

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