Braxton Fair

Hey, I'm Braxton!

I am a 20 year old computer science student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. My academic interest areas include programming languages, backend web development, and more recreationally learning mathematics and logic. My expected graduation date is May of 2024.

My Mission Statement

As a MSU, Mankato honors student, I want to learn how to take my academic skills learned pursing my degree in mathematics and computer science, and utilize them in a productive, inclusive, and effective manner. I will achieve this goal by furthering my abilities in research, leadership, and intercultural engagement.

My Projects

This website was created from the ground up by me! I used the Typescript, tailwindcss, and NextJS to create this site, and is deployed with Vercel. This website is used as a place for me to host my projects that I build, and as a portfolio for the Honors Program that I am a part of at MSU, Mankato.

Penguin Language

Penguin is a toy programming language that I am designing to teach myself compilers, and just a cool personal project. Currently only performs lexical analysis, but will eventually compile to either C code or assembly.


What started as a project for a computer science class my senior year of high school, I ended up redoing and submitting as my project for my application to the computer science program. Hypercube is an interpreter for the 4DChess esolang


Initailly an in-class project to that was built in my Data Structures course, I really liked the project and worked on the clone outside of class more to incorporate OOP principles and make it more robust. I used Visual Studio and the C# programming language here.